Self portrait Pertti

In the fall of 2017 I sold all my stuff, except for my camera and laptop, I found a family to adopt my cats. I bought a one way ticket to Paris with the intention to build my life here and just do my photography.

I used to be a fashion and portrait photographer but felt that I was missing both in the making of the photos and in the photos themselves. I realised for me to even have the slightest of chances to create something good I need to be completely myself in my photography, so I realised that I need to strip all layers that I put in-front of myself and try to find what it is that I want to really express and what my photography is for me.

In the spring of 2018 I started to photograph everyday, at first as a way to keep in form and as way to explore my new city and the people within it. It has really been an unexpected journey of rediscovering my photography and how I use it to say something and it has made me more determined than ever.